Thank you for considering HEAVENLY HAIR EVER AFTER!!! We are happy you want to schedule a visit and reading by CELESTE!!

Heavenly Hair Ever After features the first princess of this kind. Celeste is a fairy angel whose hair has never grown. She struggles with understanding why she has no hair and the other children do. What Celeste finds out is that her grandmothers gave her a very special gift that help others.  She has a daily affirmation for children that will hopefully instill confidence and encourage them to still feel their best with or without hair. This is the first book in a series of fairytales featuring Celeste. 2019 will bring the next book, which will include a boy character.

Social media, fashion and magazines show that beautiful children, teens and women have hair, flawless skin and makeup, great bodies and a healthy overall appearance. Societal standards have burned into the brains of men and women these attributes so it's not uncommon for people to try to model themselves after what they see. THIS IS MAGNIFIED FOR CHILDREN!! There are no images of bald women used in beauty ads. There are no bald princesses that look like them. And we know that representation is very important. There are no positive images aimed at making them feel good about the image they see in the mirror while they go through the process of losing hair. Hair loss is devastating to adult women so we can only image the mindset of our little ones. in mind that hair loss is hard at any age, but can be very hard on children, as they may not understand the cause and may not get peer support.

Our target market is ages 5 to 13. They are little girls who have experienced hair loss as the result of alopecia, cancer, medicine, treatments, diagnosis or know someone who has hair loss or children who love fairytales. Parents will rush to purchase this book because it gives their little ones a fairy tale with a main character that looks like them. The website features dolls, eyebrows, hypo-allergenic jewelry, coloring pages and those things that create a whole world specifically designed for them. Coming soon, all natural, vegan and 5 free make-up products. Other children will enjoy the illustrations and message.

What makes this book different from its competition is that…there is no competition. There may be informational books about baldness and/or alopecia but no books that give little girls a bald fairy princess whose story is told through a fairy tale.

Marketing plans target children’s hospital, clinics, dermatology offices, pediatricians, alopecia groups, cancer organizations local and worldwide, salons and nail spas. We are committed to providing a faith based message of using the gifts/talents God gave you, loving yourself despite the world’s views on beauty, educating the reader on hair loss and giving your child a character and message through fairytales that they can see themselves in as we tackle bullying, self-confidence and service to others.

I am looking to collaborate with salons, companies, churches and groups that will welcome the character, allow book sales and story time and will welcome any photos and media coverage.

The book can be purchased and viewed online on at Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart and at


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Chauna Payne

Author-Heavenly Hair Ever After

Activities Include


All Activities are $25/child


Arts and Crafts

Nail Polish Party

Tea Time Talk

Cookie Design

Color and Cookies with Celeste

Opening your Child's Gift


Wholesale Book Pricing Packages


Book Retails at $10. Comes with book stand.


10 Books-$100

20 Books-$180

30 Books-$270

40 Books-$360

50 Books-$450


Add-ons Retail between $5-$40

Wholesale Prices



Tee shirts-$10

Angel Wings-$10


Nail Polish-Hypoallergenic, Vegan-$8

Lip Gloss-Hypoallergenic, Vegan-$10


Heavenly Hair Ever After understands how important it is to have this book in the hands of children. If there are any other ideas you may have on how to incorporate this brand into your business, please feel free to share that with us. We will consider any and all suggestions.



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  • GUEST SPEAKER  **No Costume/In Costume**

  • 30 Kids or Less ….. $100/$150 per session

  • 31-50 kids …………. $175/$200

  • 51-60 kids …………. $225/$250  

  • There is no charge for appearance if 20+ books are purchased at a discounted price. Please send an email with information, # of copies and date of the event to


GOD’s PLAN PROGRAM (ages 15+)

       HHEA Author will lead this session

  • 20 Kids or Less.....$200

  • 21-50 kids.............$400

  • 51+ kids................$600

  • Groups

  • This lecture will include all of the GIFT’ed topics:

   Discovering your gift(s); Identifying your path; The power of self-defeating/self-sabotaging words and actions; Events leading up to     authoring children’s books and a DYNAMIC CALL TO ACTION. Lecture is 60 to 75 minutes. Author is located in Belleville, IL and         will travel up to 50 mi. Travel fees are added based on location.


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