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Are you headed to College and want to learn EVERYTHING to make money while studying?


Here's what you get:

-Wig Head

-Wig Stand

-Thread-Black and Brown



-Wig Head Wrap

-1 bottle of Bonding Glue

-Measuring Tape

-Duckbill Clips

-Dome Cap

-1-4x4 Closure

-1 bundles of 12in Straight Hair

-25 Microlinks

-1 pack of Crochet Hair

-Certificate Of Completion

Once you place your order and receive your supplies, schedule with me for a 2 hour session.

You will learn how to do a 4x4 Wig, Bonded Wig, Crochet Wig and Microlinks.


The wig you create can be worn!!!



HS Seniors/College Students-Classes

Perimeter Size