Hair and Scalp Care Kit

Hair and Scalp Care Kit

Hair and Scalp Care Kit helps you take care of your Hair and Scalp. Kit comes with Sulfate Free Shampoo, Sulfate Free Conditioner, Skin Cleanser, Paddle Brush, Wide Tooth Comb, and Hair/Scalp Moisturizer. The Deluxe Kit includes Waterless products, perfect for clients on bedrest. Products are natural and perfect for Cancer and Alopecia clients. Please do a skin patch test on all products if you have skin irritations or skin cancer. If this is for child, kit comes with a children's book and surprises!!!

How To Use Your Kit (with hair/hair loss areas):

-Brush/Comb Your Hair starting at the ends, working upwards.

-Shampoo Hair to remove dirt and product build up.

-Condition Hair to restore moisture.

-Use Skin Cleanser with Total Hair Loss.

-Towel Dry Hair and Use Hair/Scalp Moisturizer.


If you are on Bedrest, repeat steps listed above using a warm damp towel to remove products.

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