Cancer Care Kit

Cancer Care Kit

Me, My Beautiful Self is a self affirmation that should be felt everyday!!! Cancer Care Kits are designed to keep beauty simple and easy while recovering. Our kits can come as a general kit or you can customize yours. General Care Kits come in a designer pouch and contain Kleenex, Pink nail polish, Beauty cream, Headband, Toe nail dividers, Pumice stone, a Courage bracelet, Face and Hand Cleansing pads, Nail brush, Nail clippers, Cuticle pushers/removers,  Buffer, Nail file, BeezWax Lip Balm, Nail Polish Remover pads, and a Journal and pen for your thoughts. You'll love the inspirational and empowering messages that come with each purchase. You can also customize a care kit for your loved one.

The Deluxe Care Kit comes with the above items along with a Mastectomy Pillow set, Seatbelt Cushion, Hand Sanitizer, Straws, Slip On Shoes, Drain Holders, Cooling pads, Waterless Shampoo and Conditioner, and a small bottle of wine.


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    Shipping 5 to 7 days after order confirmation.