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***If you have insurance coverage, please upload a copy of your insurance card (front and back) and include your birthdate in the comments for claim submission. You can also be reimbursed through the insurance company if you decide to purchase first. Please discuss this with your insurance carrier to be sure about your benefits and how this works.*** 

-Are YOU starting Cancer treatments?

-Are YOU experiencing Hair Loss?

-Have YOU been diagnosed with Alopecia?

-Did YOU not find a wig that you liked locally?

-Does YOUR child have hair loss and you can't find a Kid-Friendly wig?

-Are YOU looking for a protective style?

-Do YOU need a new look and don't want to color or cut your hair?

-Looking to spice up YOUR love life?

-Need a custom unit for YOUR special occasion?

-Did YOU see a wig on tv or in a movie that you know would be super cute on you?

-Does YOUR insurance carrier cover cranial prosthetics and you need help with YOUR claim?


We have provided Custom Wigs for chemo days, parties, weddings, funerals, holidays, cancer centers and hospitals, men, women, and children.


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