Heavenly Hair Ever After

Celeste is a fairy princess whose hair has never grown. She struggles with understanding why she has no hair and the other children do. What Celeste finds out is that her grandmothers gave her a very special gift that helps others.  She has a daily affirmation for children that will hopefully instill confidence and encourage them to still feel their best without hair.

Social media, fashion, and magazines show that beautiful children, teens, and women have hair, flawless skin and makeup, great bodies and a healthy overall appearance. Societal standards have burned into the brains of men and women these attributes so it's not uncommon for people to try to model themselves after what they see. THIS IS MAGNIFIED FOR CHILDREN!!

There are no images of bald women used in beauty ads. There are no bald princesses that look like them. And we know that representation is very important. There are no positive images aimed at making them feel good about the image they see in the mirror while they go through the process of losing hair. Hair loss is devastating to adult women so we can only imagine the mindset of our little ones. ShareCare.com-Bear in mind that hair loss is hard at any age, but can be very hard on children, as they may not understand the cause and may not get peer support.


Please take your little one by the hand and lead them to the mirror. Lift their faces up with confidence as they look at their reflection and ask them to repeat these words after you (Your role in this IS VERY IMPORTANT!!):


“I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I will define what beauty means, not this world. No matter what my hair situation is, I will always be-

Me, My Beautiful Self!!”

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